• Model Release Template Contract

Model Release Template Contract

If you're a photographer, this model release is perfect for you. This simple two page release you can use to get your models' permission to publish their pictures. When you have it in writing, it sets the tone at the beginning of your relationship how you can use their images. The Legal Paige highly suggests using a model release for any type of group photoshoot, minors, mini sessions, or any type of lifestyle/brand photography. This is a single template contract that can be used in addition to your full contract, or used on its own for certain shoots

Includes the following: 

• Names of parties to agreement
• Model(s) legal guardian/representative clause
• Copyright and permissions clause
• Approval of photographs clause
• Attribution of person in photo(s) clause
• Release of liability clause
• Signatures clause
• Signature lines

  • $99.00